Extreme Black Hebrew Israelites, and The White Devil!!

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Video Discription: The original title is too long to fit. It is, "Extreme Black Hebrew Israelites, and The White Devil! Cynicism and Resignation, where is the Most High?".

I was meaning to upload this several days ago.

Disclaimer: This is not my typical video. I am addressing this subject because I feel moved to do so. I seek to offend none, but call it like I see it. It is your decision to allow my video to be offensive to your mind. You do not have to watch! This video is not for those who are easily offended. Do remember I am an anti-theist. People that hold (what I see as) self defeating, dangerous ideas may irritate, or offend me, but they have a right to do so! As I have a right to attack the ideas, and the actions that result from them...not the people.

The video clips used are to spark deeper thought. Do not assume I agree with an image, or clip because I found it relevant to use. Any method of communication can simultaneously yield multiple messages or meanings. If you have questions feel free to ask. I reserve the right not to answer. Peace.


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