Syrian regime used thermobaric weapons: report

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Video Discription: A UN investigation into the ongoing Syrian conflict has claimed that Syrian government forces have used thermobaric weapons. The report alleges that Syrian armed forces used such devices in Qusayr, a strategic town that they recently recaptured from rebels, on March 20.

Russia's thermobaric bomb, known as the 'father of all bombs', is a two-stage explosive weapon that uses fuel such as ethylene oxide to produce an intense fireball and devastating blast wave. The 7,100 kg device packs an explosion the equivalent of 44 tons of TNT and has a destructive radius of around 300 meters. The blast from a thermobaric weapon ruptures the vital organs of enemy personnel, literally sucking the air out of the lungs of those caught within the blast radius.

This animation explains how a thermobaric bomb works and its effects.


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