Taliban attack on UN compound in Kabul leaves at least four dead

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Video Discription: At least four people were killed after Taliban fighters launched a large-scale attack at the International Organization for Migration (IOM) compound in Kabul on Friday afternoon. Thirteen other people were injured, including an Italian woman working for IOM who was seriously wounded.
According to reports, the attack began at 4pm with a suicide car bomb blast outside the compound.
The sound of heavy machine-guns, rocket-propelled grenades and sniper fire was clearly audible throughout the city centre as night fell.
Other explosions came from booby traps the attackers had planted in the compound, the New York Times reported.
Outside the compound around six Taliban fighters engaged in a firefight with nearby security guards. Two Taliban fighters were killed while the others entered an unused building from where they continued the attack.
At least four more large blasts were heard throughout the evening.
According to the New York Times, it took more than six hours for 100 Afghan police to subdue no more than six attackers.

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