Library sex: New Mexico librarian Jamie Kurz fired for reporting library romp

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Video Discription: The former assistant librarian at the Estancia Public Library in New Mexico was fired after reporting seeing her then boss have sex with a town maintenance worker in the children's section of the library on the morning of August 20.

Jamie Kurz said she arrived to work early that morning. She noticed there were two vehicles in the parking lot, though the library had yet to open. One was a town maintenance truck and the other belonged to her boss, the head librarian.

Kurz said she entered the library, put her things down, then heard noises coming from the children's section. She went to look and found her boss in the middle of a sexual tryst with a town maintenance worker. According to reports, Kurz said they were both married to other people.

The lovers asked Kurz not to say anything, but she reported to the incident to a town clerk, who then reported it to the mayor, Sylvia Chavez. Kurz said things then became difficult for her at work and she confirmed this fact with a surreptitiously-made recording of her boss telling her that if she couldn't handle the situation, she should find another job.

Kurz wrote a letter to Chavez, requesting a leave because of 'hostile' conditions at work. Days after Chavez approved the leave, Kurz discovered that both she and the town clerk involved were to be fired. However, a letter to Kurz written by Chavez states that she was fired not for reporting the activities of her boss, but rather for failing to return keys to the library and not meeting with the mayor to discuss to her situation.

Kurz will sue the town and her lawyer, Joseph CampBell, contends she is eligible for protection under whistleblower laws.


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