Pregnant woman arrested on drug dealing and robbery charges

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Video Discription: A pregnant Taiwanese woman surnamed Tu (涂) was arrested in the port city of Kaohsiung earlier this week for the possession and distribution of illegal drugs. Police also charged her, along with her boyfriend, of committing multiple robberies by driving by unsuspecting victims with a scooter and stealing their property.

The police searched Tu's apartment last Wednesday and found a slew of different drugs. Just before they were about to take her away, she asked an officer to bring along one of her parenting guidebooks for her.

Her boyfriend, surnamed Liu, was later arrested at a local internet cafe.

When they brought him to the police station, curious police officers asked him if he was the father of Tu's baby and a scene straight out of the Maury Povich show unfolded.

Tu claimed Liu was the father of her baby, but Liu vehemently denied it. The couple started arguing back and forth.

Both were taken into custody and Tu was denied bail due to her pregnancy.

There's no verdict yet on who the father of the baby is, though.


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