Taco Bell murderers kill own boss in Alabama robbery

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Video Discription: Three men in Montgomery Alabama are being charged with capital murder in connection with the beating and shooting death of Taco Bell manager, Vettia Roche.

Nineteen year olds Kenneth Temple and Renauldous Chisholm were employees at the restaurant, which police say they robbed late Sunday night. Vettia Roche was in charge of the franchise's bank deposit.

She had recently moved to Alabama with her daughter after losing nearly everything in a Tornado in Mississippi last year.

Reports say she was leaving the restaurant at the end of the day, when her two coworkers and their accomplice, Gacolby Green, surprised her.

Police say the victim was beaten with a tire iron, and then shot to death. Her killers then dumped her body behind the restaurant.

Vettia Roche's body was discovered by cleaning crews Monday morning. A bank account to collect donations for her daughter has been setup at Sterling Bank, in Montgomery. Meanwhile, friends of Temple and Chisolm express disbelief at the accusations leveled against them


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