Darren Sharper arrested: NFL New Orleans Saints player faces sex charges

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Video Discription: Former NFL star Darren Sharper will remain in jail for his rape trial after all. After reporting to prison in response to an arrest warrant issued by a Los Angeles judge in February, Sharper paid $1,000,000 bail to temporarily regain his freedom.

But no sooner had he done that, then he was indicted on identical rape charges in Louisiana and Arizona, leading the Los Angeles judge to revoke his bond.

Sharper is accused of raping nine women in five states, including California, Arizona, Nevada, Louisiana, and Florida.

The former New Orleans Saints safety and NFL analyst for the NFL Network, could be imprisoned for life if he is found guilty of even a few of the numerous charges against him.

An investigator in Louisiana described a pattern repeated by all of his accusers across the country.

Sharper, who is a well known as a member of the NO Saints victorious Super Bowl team, would meet women at bars or parties and then invite them to a private room. Sometimes a hotel, his own house, or the victim's house.

Once there, he would give them Ambien laced drinks. One of his accusers described the drink instantly making her feel weak and drowsy.

A New Orleans warrant says Sharper even admitted raping unconscious women to an unidentified witness.

Sharper remains in a Los Angeles prison, while the states negotiate trial dates and extradition to all of the jurisdictions where he is wanted.


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