Shoplifting fail: Hong Kong tourists caught stealing from Taiwan supermarket, arrested

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Video Discription: Two Hong Kong tourists visiting Taiwan were caught shoplifting at a central Taipei Carrefour last week, after spending all their travel money on plastic surgery, according to an Apple Daily report.

Having burned through all their funds, Hong Kong couple Liu Jun-En, 23, and Xu Min-Ming, 24, allegedly attempted to run off with nearly two dozen items, totalling some US$230 (NT$7,000), from the supermarket last Tuesday evening.

They secretly stuffed all the goods into their bags and the pair arrived at the checkout counter hoping to get away with paying for only two measly loaves of bread, but were caught by staff.

Liu has since revealed that they had visited Taiwan so that his girlfriend, Xu, could get plastic surgery after a car accident had disfigured her face. They had arrived with US$3,300, but the costly surgery had left them penniless.

The two were arrested and have been charged with theft.


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