Taxi rapist arrested for raping girlfriend

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Video Discription: A young taxi driver was arrested for raping his girlfriend and threatening her with a knife late last year. The woman had returned to Hong Kong after graduating college abroad. She often took the taxi in Lantau Island to go to work and had gotten to know a young taxi driver, surnamed Chen, after he got her discounted concert tickets.

Initially, Chen tried to kiss her but she warded off his advances, claiming that she already has a boyfriend abroad. However, the woman soon fell for Chen and the two had sex. Chen got angry when she refused to recognize him as her 'boyfriend' and called her real boyfriend to tell him about their fling. Finding out, the woman broke up with Chen and tried to reconcile with her boyfriend, but was unsuccessful. She then got back with Chen.

Late last year, Chen forced the woman to go home with him after a concert. Chen wanted her to undress, but she refused. Chen then took her phone, refusing to let her leave his house. Chen's parents tried to resolve the argument but it only made Chen angrier, inciting him to slam the woman's head into a dresser. Furthermore, he threatened the woman with a kitchen knife. In an attempt to calm Chen down, the woman agreed to sleep in his bed. Chen then raped her during the night.

In the next morning, with the help of Chen's parents, the woman escaped and went to the police. However, Chen pled 'not guilty' to the rape and the hearing continues today.


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