Swiss Cheese masturbator: Man asks women to jerk him off, evades police

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Video Discription: Say cheese! Police in Philadelphia are searching for a man who has been approaching strange women with a slice of swiss cheese and inviting them to jerk him off with the food item. Now, thanks to a local journalist, this Philly cheese freak may have been outed.

First brought to attention by a neighborhood watch Facebook page, and dubbed the swiss cheese pervert by local media, the man has been spotted in the Mayfair neighborhood pulling up to women in parking lots waving the food item above his genitals and seeking sexual relief in exchange for money.

Now a 19-year-old OK Cupid user says she believes this is the same person who solicited her for cheese-related sex acts through the dating site in 2012.

With her help, a local reporter tracked down a visited Chris Pagano - a man fitting the pervert's description. When confronted by the Philly Mag reporter, Pagano denied any knowledge of the swiss cheese pervert.

The full text of the OK Cupid message on in which he tell the girl he says he enjoys wrapping cheese slices adound his junk and pleasuring himself.


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