Man arrested on rape charges escapes Yokohama prosecutors office

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Video Discription: An unemployed Japanese man arrested on gang rape charges made a brazen escape from detention in Yokohama on Tuesday.

Yuta Sugimoto, an unemployed man in his 20s, was arrested on Monday on robbery and gang rape charges and taken to the Kawasaki branch of the Yokohama District Public Prosecutors Office. He was charged with conspiring with another man to punch a woman and rape her in a car in Kawasaki on January 2. The pair also allegedly stole cash from her worth US$1,500.

Sugimoto made his escape on Tuesday while he was consulting with his lawyer in the interrogation room, right in front of prosecutors and police. Sugimoto told an unsuspecting policeman that the rope tied round his waist was loose. While the officer was checking the rope, Sugimoto lowered the rope to his feet, opened the door and ran down the stairs to the front entrance. He crossed the street against a red light and was almost hit by a car as he fled to the Tama River.

Kanagawa Police are searching him with two boats, two helicopters, 850 patrol cars and police canine units.


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