Carnal Karaoke: Hostess bar girl busted after cops find 'nipple licking' pic

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Video Discription: A picture of a nipple, a tongue and a woman's ring was all the evidence needed to convict a Taichung woman of indecent behavior.

The sordid tale began after a 38-year-old man from central Taiwan's Taichung City, went to a club with friends for fun two days ago.The man, surnamed Shi, then hired three Vietnamese bar girls to entertain himself and his friends.

After having some drinks, they started to play dice. When the women lost a roll, they were required to take off an item of clothing, while the men had to drink more alcohol or paid the bar girls tips if they lost.

As the inebriation reached new heights, a 30-year-old bar girl, identified by the family name of Chen, agreed to allow Mr Shi to take pictures of him licking her nipples and using a microphone to rub her private parts.

Unfortunately for the revelers, the police raided the premises that evening and caught Ms Chen topless while straddling Shi.

Chen managed to put on her clothes before one of the officers used his cell phone to take a picture as evidence.

Chen denied that she had ever removed her clothes, but the police bullied Mr Shi into handing over his phone and cops then found the picture of Shi licking the bar hostesses nipple.

The cops then observed that a ring seen in the photo was the same one Ms Chen was wearing on her index finger. Chen then admitted she had undressed.

Police arrested Chen and the owner of the hostess bar on charges of indecent behavior.


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