Sexual harassment: pervert jailed for groping student's boobs

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Video Discription: A 41-year-old pervert named Qiu Huang-bo (邱黃博) has been put behind bars once again after he was accused of groping a 15-year-old student's breasts.

This was not the first time Qiu was accused of harassing a woman. Seven years ago, when Qiu drove taxis for a living, he was once accused of masturbating in front of a female passenger and even touching her breasts when he asked her to pass a tissue. After that and other incidents, he was given a jail sentence of three and a half years.

However, after he was released from prison, Qiu still wasn't able to quit his old habits. In October, he pretended to ask a 15-year-old student for directions and took the oppotunity to touch her breasts. The student tried to run away but Qiu wouldn't let up, and chased her as he continued to molest the teenager.

After being detained by police, Qiu claimed he just happened to bump into the student, and was not molesting her. However, what actually happened was all recorded by surveillence cameras, and Qiu was interrogated by police, then arrested.


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