Cop rapes colleague's 17-year-old girlfriend, faces 15 years in jail

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Video Discription: Police officer Jien Jia-hung (簡家宏) allegedly raped his colleague's underage girlfriend last May.

The young girl had just broken up with her cop boyfriend. Jien offered to console her by bringing her to a motel room so they could get drinks together. The girl agreed and the two got drunk that night. The next morning, the cop allegedly raped her.

The girl's guidance counselor noticed a change in the girl's demeanor. The teacher chatted with the teen and called the cops after finding out what happened.

The suspect admitted to bringing the girl to the motel, but denied the rape charges. However, prosecutors examined the surveillance footage and deemed the evidence sufficient to press charges against Jien. As the girl is still underage, Jien may face up to 15 years behind bars.

Experts advise teens to practice caution with members of the opposite sex, even if they are with people they know, as most rape perpetrators are someone the victims are familiar with.


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