'Spiderman' busted as he climbs to win his girlfriend back

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Video Discription: A 18-year-old man from New Taipei City, Taiwan, was arrested on December 10 and accused of breaking and entering after climbing up to the fourth floor of his ex-girlfriend's apartment building while trying to win her back. His bizarre behaviour terrified residents who feared he was a spiderman thief.

A resident in this New Taipei City apartment block heard weird noises during the night of the 10th and opened her window to see what was happening. She was shocked to notice the amateur spiderman climbing on her window grill. She presumed the man was a thief trying to break into her house and called the police.

According to the police investigation, the 18-year-old spiderman, surnamed Lee, was trying to win his girlfriend back after they broke up. He said his ex-girlfriend kept ignoring his phone calls and refused to see him after they broke up. The man was desperate to get his girlfriend back so he came up with the idea of climbing up to her apartment in order to confront her. When busted by a second floor neighbor, he lied and said he had dropped his key. After he reached the fourth floor, the resident concluded he was a thief and called the police. The possessed spiderman got stuck on the fourth floor wall, but was eventually pulled in onto his girlfriend's balcony on the 5th floor by police. He, however, failed in his mission to win the girl back. He was arrested at the scene for breaking and entering.

The police discovered his motivation after taking him back to the police station for questioning. After making sure he wasn't attempting to commit a crime they released him without charge.


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