Fight caught on cellphone: teen nearly beaten to death by bullies in China

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A 14-year-old was nearly beaten to death in Beijing by four boys, all of whom were older and bigger than him.

Earlier that day the boy, named Xiao, and two of his friends were on their way to an internet cafe after school. They were stopped by two older boys. His friends escaped while Xiao was dragged away. Xiao was taken to a field where a 15-year-old named Guo was waiting for him.

Xiao had known Guo since the third grade. Guo was known as a bully who would beat lunch money out of the other kids. Back in April Xiao spotted Guo beating on some random kids. When Guo was later arrested, he blamed Xiao for snitching.

Now Guo wanted revenge. One boy videotaped the sickening assault that lasted a very long nine minutes. By the end of the attack, Xiao was unconscious and nearly dead. To finish off the mauling, the boys pissed on Xiao's face.

Guo Lei and the other boys, identified as Sun Jiangfang, Xiong Jie and Zhang Qi, left Xiao to die. Amazingly, Xiao survived. His parents called police, but Guo and company have yet to be arrested.


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