Insane Home Fat Loss Day 8 - The Kamikaze (Delts, Triceps, Core)

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Video Discription: Some people may wonder why you need a training course like this in order to lose weight at home, thinking that all they need to do is buy a treadmill... Well, take it from somebody who has bought a ton of home fitness equipment... just having that stuff is not enough. My recumbant exercise bike turned into a coat rack and my treadmill got covered with all kinds of junk because I would never use it...

My Recommendation On Insane Home Fat Loss

This is one of the best fitness products I've ever tried and for me it's pretty perfect because my wife just had a baby, and I would rather stay close to home with my family, rather than go to the gym five days a week like I used to.

Nope, if you really want to get into shape at home then I think that Mike's training course is a much better alternative because he will keep you on task and make sure that you keep on task, working out, and reaching your goals. I've been following the program for a while now and I can say that it is a great course...

That said, I was already in very good shape when I got started with Insane Home Fat Loss, so I don't have a lot of fat to lose... But you can hear success stories from people who have seen really impress changes in there bodies here on Mike's website: Official Insane Home Fat Loss Website
A Few Tips On Working Out At Home...

Recently, since I have been following Mike's Insane Home Fat Loss Program I have been working out at home 90% of the time. This is a big change for me because I used to go to the gym days a week... Here are a few tips I have found make working at home easier:

Tip #1) Work out at the same time every day - When I first started working out at home I missed a lot of workouts because I kept saying "I'll do it later"... And then I'd get distracted. Instead you've got to pick a time and stick to it. Remember if you follow Mike's program these are only 20 minute workouts! So if you keep that in mind it is easy to bang 'em out quick and get on with your day.

Tip #2) Reward Yourself - One good way to make sure that you stick with your workouts is to do something nice for yourself AFTER you workout. So for example you could say, "After I workout for 20 minutes I'll go take a walk in my garden and have a popsicle"... or whatever else is a treat for you...

Tip #3) Follow A Program - I used to try to work out at home for years, but it never really clicked for me until I started following Mike's program. Personally I find the structure that following a program provides to be invaluable.


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