Khawarij! Dajjal Talibans not Muslims are Israelis Zionists being trained by Mossad and CIA

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Video Discription: Terrorists like Talibans are being send here by Israel India Raw CIA America. Commanders of these three countries like Israel, India and America specially build beards and become Talibans for a specific period to teach them and train them well so that they could break Pakistan. But actually that's not gonna happen. Pakistan is born to live and Rule this whole world. This is the ultimate destiny of Pakistan. Pakistan is ready to fight against these terrorists being sent by Israel, CIA and RAW. We want peace! Don't make us fight
Khawarij Khawarij Talibans, those who Kill Muslims who call WAR against Muslims those even if they are Muslims they are called KHAWARIJ in Islam that means EXCLUDED FROM ISLAM, as said by our Holy Prophet S.A.W "they are dogs of Hell" Khawarij khawarij Taliban DAIISH ISIS Khawarij khawarij khawarij, ancestors of Dajjal Parents of Dajjal


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