Motivate the Brain: Why Dopamine Doesn't Work

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Video Discription: Motivate the Brain: Why Dopamine Doesn't Work
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Gamification has proven to be a powerful tool in driving change across nearly all environments-business, personal goals, even education. What is it about Gamification that makes it so successful in changing behavior? It isn't just about points or badges, or earning little gold stars. The best Gamification strategies are all about engagement, driven by MOTIVATION.

Science tells us that motivation is the single most important factor when it comes to learning and changing behavior-far more important than breadth of skill, or even innate talent. Increase motivation, and you will increase learning-surpassing limits in ways you never imagined-no matter the subject, domain, or context.

Join cognition expert Andrea Kuszewski for a lively, non-technical discussion of the science of motivation, dissecting that 'magical' process going on in the brain that is such a critical factor in engagement and learning.


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