Biodiversity Threatened on California’s Coast

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Video Discription: Biodiversity Threatened on California’s Coast
California Academy of Sciences - California Academy of Sciences
Marine Biodiversity of California’s Seashore

Karina Nielsen
Associate Professor of Biology, Sonoma State University

The California coast includes some of the most diverse marine habitats in the world, but the health of our coastal habitats is at risk. Climate change, pollution, and overfishing threaten to diminish the vitality of the marine ecosystems which play an important role in San Francisco Bay Area life.

Join the California Academy of Sciences to learn about the amazing diversity of life just off our coast and how local researchers are working to understand the effects of global climate change on intricate species interactions.

What are the challenges we face as ocean conservators and educators, and what actions can we take?

Join Cal Academy to find out what is needed to allow life on our shores to thrive.


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