Recovery teams make plans to raise AirAsia tail section.

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Video Discription: Search teams are getting ready to raise the tail section of Air Asia flight 85-01.

The debris was found on Wednesday, and Indonesia's military chief says they're urgently making plans to raise it from the bottom of the Java Sea.


"Priority of the day is to lift the tail of the plane because the black box could be in there. Later the search operation team will brief me what's the plan and the details, once we're confirmed with the proposed action we'll start doing it."

Recovering the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder could solve the mystery of why the plane went down on December 28th.

Search and recovery teams continue to scour the area where the plane went down, looking for more wreckage and remains of the 162 people who were on board.

Only about a quarter of the victims have been recovered and only half of those have been identified.


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