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What You Should Do First

To best represent you, we will need to ask you a number of questions about you, the trucking company, your vehicle, how the accident occurred, and your injuries. It is always helpful to gather as much information as possible in preparation for your initial consultation. You should focus on obtaining the following five types of information before your meeting, which will help in evaluating and preparing your truck accident case.

1. Details About the Trucking Company and Driver

What is the name of the trucking company involved (if any)?
What is the truck driver’s name?
What is the truck’s license plate number?
Do you have any other license numbers or identifying details about the truck?
Do you have the truck driver’s Commercial Driver’s License number?
Are any other companies or business entities associated with this truck or driver?
Have you done any research on the driver or trucking company involved?
2. Specific Details About the Truck Accident

How did the accident occur?
Was a police report filed?
What traffic violations, if any, were drivers charged with?
Were any photographs or videos taken at the scene?
Were TV or other news media at the scene?
Do you have names, contact info of witnesses or others involved in the accident?
When and where exactly did the truck accident occur?
What was the roadway like (wet, dry, smooth, pot-holed, etc.)?
Were other cars or people involved?
Was an ambulance called to the scene?
3. Medical Records After a Truck Accident

What normal activities are you unable to do because of your injuries?
What was your immediate diagnosis after the truck accident?
Were you taken to a hospital? If so, how long were you hospitalized?
What initial treatments did you receive?
Did you have x-rays or other scans taken?
Any follow-up or additional treatment?
What are your present symptoms and diagnosis?
Have you ever had similar injuries in the past?
4. Your Vehicle After a Truck Accident

Year, make and model of your vehicle?
Is there a lien-holder or bank interest in the vehicle?
How long have you owned the car?
What is the working condition of the car?
What damages were sustained to your car during the accident?
Have you received an estimate for the damages?
Did your car have any damages, dings, or dents prior to the accident?
Do you have photographs of your car both before and after the accident?
5. Personal, Financial Details About You

Your present employment, if any?
Your wages or salary?
Have you missed time from work as a result of the accident?
Do you have a valid drivers’ license? Do you have automobile insurance?
Who is your insurer?
Have you previously been involved in any car accidents?


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