TOP 5 Most Sex-Crazed Celebrities - Channing Tatum, Jessica Simpson, and More

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Video Discription: Some celebrities are not just good at exuding sex on the big screen or in their music, but are actually ABOUT that life. We've all, at some point, gawked at our favorite actors and musicians and wondered just how they'd be under the sheets. Well, some celebrities are so great in bed, that the legend of their sexual prowess behind closed doors has found it's way to mainstream knowledge. We count down the 5 most legendary celebrities who are amazing at sex. #5 00:19 - Channing Tatum #4 01:19 - Justin Bieber #3 01:59 - Angelina Jolie #2 02:50 - Jessica Simpson #1 03:35 - Take a guess... ;)


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