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Video Discription: Latest Punjabi Songs 2016 this week | DASTOOR by NAVI BRAR | Brand new sad & romantic music video by PRIME POLLUTION. New Punjabi Songs 2016 this week

DASTOOR is a Punjabi song written by S. Sher Singh Kanwal in his latest Punjabi lyrics collection. It was filmed in 2016 in a week at best and top locations. This song should be the new hit love song of 2016 with sad romantic lyrics. The song describes Punjabi people and their culture. It is far different from the current prevailing Punjabi pop music artists like Amrit Maan, DilJit Dosanjh, Sunanda Sharma etc. This is a music video with latest blockbuster style choreography. We do not sell our songs to Speed Records, Amar Audio or T-Series.


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Miss Pooja super hit collection official HD . Everyone enjoyed the new punjabi songs. It has been a goo new punjabi song. It was well said. This is why we have the latest punjabi songs. best album full . i always thought why there are punjabi new songs punjabi rock.sad Bollywood songs 2016 music latest full latest music Track New songs music indian punjabi Bollywood of all time non stop .i like a lot of latest punjabi songs. aam aadmi party, arvind kejriwal. top hit punjabi indian bollywood songs

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