Harry Styles Surprises Fans With Pizzas

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Video Discription: If you’re still looking for a reason to be a fan of Harry Styles, we think this might whet your appetite.

Before his performance on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend Harry noticed the trail of fans lined up to witness his performance and decided to make sure they enjoyed every bit of the experience by buying them pizza!

Jealous? Not only that, the star included some healthy fruits and coffee to go along with the meal for his fans with many of them waiting in sleeping bags outside the studio.

Now we KNOW you wish you were there…

When Harry was on stage he went above and beyond the typical expectations for musical guests on SNL. He showed off his dance moves to David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, gave a great Mick Jagger impression, and displayed his acting prowess in a comical sketch about Union War Soldiers.

One more reason to be excited? Harry’s first self-titled debut solo album is due out May 12th.


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