Why Jennifer Aniston Won't Run 'The Leftovers' Lines With Justin Theroux

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Video Discription:
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux might have one of Hollywood’s biggest first-world problems ever that only two married actors can really experience.

Jennifer is such a big fan of Justin’s HBO show, “The Leftovers,” she can’t really help him prepare for his role.

Justin tells Good Morning America, “She wouldn’t even run lines with me because she didn’t want any spoilers.” His show is currently approaching its third and final season finale.

So, will Jennifer be excited about what she sees when it finally comes to an end? Justin assures GMA, “We’re not allowed to talk about what’s going on, but I’m very happy with how we ended our show…. Enormously gratified.”

That’s good news for the Aniston and Theroux household… We’d imagine it would get awkward if any of those spoilers disappoint.


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