Ryan Phillippe Hospitalized With Leg Injury

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Video Discription:
Ryan Phillippe might want to reconsider doing some of his own stunts.

Actually, we’re speculating, because we’re not sure what exactly landed Ryan in the hospital with an injured leg, but thankfully the actor will make a recovery.

He wrote, “I’m going to be ok and I appreciate your concern,” but also Tweeted out that “This sucks.”

We can only imagine that the injury might limit further action for his series, “Shooter,” and according to People.com he also expressed how the situation was “not lit” and “no where/how” he wants to be in his Instagram stories.

The 42-year-old has always been a tough guy on screen, so we imagine that he’ll be able to recover pretty shortly. What can we say? Shooters shoot, and we guess this time he might have just overshot it a little bit.


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