Mariah Carey to Lionel Richie: Don't Do American Idol

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Video Discription: Mariah Carey has a message for Lionel Richie.

Don’t do American Idol.

…then she said she was kidding… but let’s be honest – she totally meant it.

The statement came during a segment on Entertainment Tonight, as rumors have Richie as a shoe-in to join the judging panel during the AI reboot.

Carey, as you already know, served as a judge during the famed 12th season of the show in 2013… and she’s never hid her disdain for taking the job… calling it the worst experience of her life.

Sure, she pocked 18 million dollars, but to her, it was unbearable.

Still no word if Lionel’s going to take her advice and avoid the show… but with Katy Perry joining the ranks and making 25 million bucks for her troubles, Lionel might want to risk it.

Plus, he’d be really awesome at it so that should be worth something.


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