Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are Not Reconciling

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Video Discription: So a news story broke claiming that Angelina Jolie called off her divorce to Brad Pitt and a rumor began that they would get back together.

But more reports are coming out refuting that claim.

Entertainment Tonight has actually gone on record and cites an inside source that Jolie has paused the divorce process because they both made children the priority, but nothing significant has changed in their relationship.

There’s even no animosity between Pitt and Jolie but is a reconciliation in the works?

Not so fast.

They report that the reason the divorce is taking so long is because these things always take time and right not their main focus is on the family and the kids.

So if you were hoping things would go back to the way the were, you might be fooling yourself.

Sounds like the divorce will happen eventually.


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