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Video Discription: Learn the sounds of the A, B, Cs with Phonics in this energetic childrens video from Learning Time Fun Jr! Review each letter of the alphabet by reviewing three objects per letter of the alphabet. This phonics video is intended for children in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade, but also can help out ESL learners as well as younger pre-toddler babies to get a head start on the alphabet sounds! \r
Learning Time Fun Jr. specializes in baby, toddler, kids, preschool, kindergarten, & first and second grade learning videos. \r
We are enthusiastic about children education and believe that through the power of school, books, videos, and real world child learning, we can create more informed, educated, peaceful, and productive societies everywhere! \r
Lets learn the the sounds of the A, B, Cs together! \r
Each letter makes its own special sound.\r
Lets listen carefully to hear how they talk to us.\r
A: Apple, Axe, Ant \r
B: Bus, Bell, Bicycle \r
C: Coin, Cake, Cup\r
D: Dog, Duck, Desk\r
E: Eggs, Engine, Elephant\r
F: Fish, Fence, Flag\r
G: Globe, Gift, Ghost\r
H: House, Horse, Hat\r
I: Iguana, Igloo, Infant\r
J: Jeep, Jar, Jeans\r
K: Key, Ketchup, Kettle\r
L: Lock, Lamp, Log\r
M: Milk, Mask, Monkey\r
N: Nurse, Note, Noodle\r
O: Ox, Olive, Octopus\r
P: Pig, Pan, Penguin\r
Q: Quail, Quilt, Queen\r
R: Rocket, Robot, Rug\r
S: Sun, Snowflake, Soup\r
T: Train, Toast, Turtle\r
U: Uncle, Umbrella, Under | The Uncle is Under the Umbrella\r
V: Vase, Van, Violin\r
W: Watch, Web, Well\r
X: X-Ray, Box, Fox\r
Y: Yogurt, Yo-Yo, Yarn \r
Z: Zebra, Zipper, Zig Zag


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