Bug collector just couldn't bring himself to collect and pin these beautiful creatures

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Video Discription: This is a video of various butterflies captured at a butterfly conservatory in update New York. Notice how colorful they are. Many kinds were observed there that day. They even landed on folks walking around. As long as no attempt was made to pick them up, it was considered ok. I witnessed someone actively trying to pick one up. The attendant quickly put a squash to that. The person not the butterfly. This trip fit perfectly into a school biology class project. The project required the collection of bugs which entailed capturing and killing insects of various kinds. They would then be pinned and classified on a board for all to observe. These really are colorful and beautiful butterflies! After witnessing these magnificent creatures, the student just couldn't bring himself to collect the specimens needed for the project. The photographer(would be bug collector) has indicated that there is no entomology careers in his future. The student took an "F" on the project but still passed the class with a "B". Be kind to bugs.


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