5 DIY Summer Room Decor Ideas – Bright And Colorful DIY Room Decorations For Summer

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Video Discription: In this video I show how to make Room Decor DIYs for Summer. DIY Watermelon Wall Art, DIY Glass Fruits (candle jars and pencil holders), easy DIY Table Fan which I called Cool Sun, Seashell garlands from paper and DIY Alarm Clock inspired by the main Summer symbol – juicy watermelon.\r
I start with a Seashell Garland. All you need is a paper and some twine. It is söo easy and beautiful – you will love it. :)\r
The next – DIY Watermelon Alarm Clock – or Alarmelon :) Absolutely cute way to upgrade the alarm. BTW, my alarm clock was white, so I had to paint it green, but it could be much easier if Id find the green one. So, maybe youll be lucky :)\r
The third DIY – Table Fan Cool Sun :) The summer is not summer without the sun. But sometimes the sun makes me melt lol So here is the perfect combination – bright sun with cool shine :)\r
The fourth DIY project is - Watermelon Slices Wall Art. I like the way I made it – it look like real watermelon slices. I used 4 square canvases (10x10 cm each) and green, pink, black acrylic paints. But you can use any kind of paint :)\r
And the last for my Summer Room Decor video – Multifunctional Glass Fruits. You can use them as pencil holders or holders for any other stuff, candle jars or just decorative items. Use any kind of glasses (wine glasses, water glasses, empty candle jars etc).\r
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Have fun and dont stop diying :)


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