Mysterious Sisters [Live Action Pokémon Battle] - Behind The Scenes

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BY: diti5
Video Discription: Watch Mysterious Sisters [Live Action Pokémon Battle] here: \r
► Milkyfawn as Fairy Tale Girl\r
► VikingFreya as Hex Maniac\r
► Maya as Sylveon\r
Written by Elliot Ryan\r
Directed by Elliot Ryan\r
Cinematography by Goldie Soetianto\r
3D Charer Models and Animation by Reuben Jurott - \r
VFX by Reuben Jurott and Elliot Ryan\r
Music by Ned McPhie - \r
Sound Design by Skyye Corrie\r
Edited by Elliot Ryan\r
Colour Grade by Goldie Soetianto\r
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