25+ new iOS 11 beta 2 features / changes!

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Video Discription: A hands-on look at 25+ new iOS 11 beta 2 features with commentary. Visit for more details. Below is a list of everything touched on in this video. Subscribe ► | Read article ► \r
## Over 25 new iOS 11 beta 2 features\r
You can now remove the recents section of the Dock on iPad\r
Indoor maps for Apple Maps\r
Share Screenshots directly\r
Press for Siri toggle now relocated to Settings → Siri\r
One-handed Keyboard preferences\r
Bolder Date on Calendar app icon\r
New Safari settings for Experimental Features\r
New long press tab options\r
Landscape Safari tab interface on smaller devices\r
Control Center Music widget now shows playback source\r
Do Not Disturb While Driving Control Center toggle now works\r
New DND While Driving preferences in Settings → DND\r
DND While Driving Urgent feature\r
No text feedback when using Siri while DND While Driving enabled\r
Frequent Locations have been changed to Significant Locations\r
Messages on iCloud now syncs, but still not fully functional\r
Files app legacy document providers now listed\r
New UITableView system gesture for quickly entering edit mode\r
Echo Messages app animation now features orange bubbles\r
Updated search results in Apple Music\r
Edit photos button replaces Details button in upper right-hand corner\r
New Save to Files app option in Share Sheet\r
Drag and drop multiple items in the Photos app on iPhone\r
Access within apps is back in CC settings\r
New AirPlay button on lock screen controls\r
New Scan QR Codes toggle in Camera preferences\r
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