Great deal of renovation needed at Mt. Kumgang for family reunions: S. Korea

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Video Discription: 이산가족 상봉 시설 점검단 귀환... '전반적 개보수 필요'

The South Korean team that crossed the border to inspect the facilities for family reunions slated for August... wrapped up their trip today.
Conclusion: a comprehensive renovation is needed at Mount Kumgang as the place has not been used in a long while.
Oh Jung-hee has our top story.
A group of South Koreans who visited North Korea to prepare for reunions of families separated by the Korean War... returned from a three-day trip Friday afternoon.
The team had 20 people -- including workers from the South Korean Red Cross and the private sector firm Hyundai Asan, and technicians.
They were led by Kim Byung-dae, the director general of the humanitarian cooperation bureau of Seoul's Unification Ministry.
They inspected the Mount Kumkang resort -- the venue for the family reunions -- checking the meeting rooms, hotels, rest areas, the fire station and the electricity supplies.
When they arrived back in the South, the team told reporters... South and North Korean technicians inspected the facilities together... and things went smoothly thanks to close cooperation from the North.
They added that the resort needs a great deal of renovation as it's not been used in a long time, since October 2015.
The team stressed that the two Koreas will get down to renovation soon, after a review by South Korean experts and inter-Korean discussions.

Seoul and Pyongyang agreed in their Red Cross talks last Friday to hold reunions of separated families at North Korea's Mount Kumkang for a week starting August 20th.
100 participants each from South and North Korea will have a chance to meet their relatives on the other side of the border.
The South Korean Red Cross this week chose 500 candidates for the reunion through computerized random selection.
The organization will eventually narrow that number down to 100 after checking on the candidates' health, their willingness to participate,... and whether their family members in the North are still alive.
Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.


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