UNESCO adds S. Korea's Suncheon, N. Korea's Mt. Kumgang ti World Network of Biosphere Reserves

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Video Discription: South Korea's southern city of Suncheon in Jeollanam-do Province has been recognized for its rich biodiversity,... and has made it onto the UNESCO biosphere reserves list this year,... making it the nation's sixth site on the list.
Also making it on the list this year,... North Korea's Mount Kumgang.
Kim Hyo-sun tells us more.
UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, has added several new sites to its World Network of Biosphere Reserves,... including Suncheon in South Korea and North Korea's Mount Kumgang.
Seoul's environment ministry said Wednesday that UNESCO had included Suncheon on the list of new biosphere reserves,... which are sites that have well preserved their biodiversity.
The entire city of Suncheon, located on the southern tip of South Korea, has been listed,... making it the nation's sixth site on the list, along with Mount Seorak and Jeju Island.
Suncheon is home to the rich ecosystems of Mount Jogyesan and Suncheonman Bay.
The residents of Suncheon have also been recognized for incorporating the ecosystem in their economic activities,... including rice and fruit cultivation.
Suncheon City now aims to let itself known globally by enacting regulations related to the management of its biosphere reserve sites,... and promoting its local produce.
North Korea's Mount Kumgang was also added to the list,... making it the North's fifth biosphere reserve site.
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.


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