Two Koreas to start joint road inspections today

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Video Discription: (As with most negotiations with North Korea, it's rarely straightforward,.... but let's hope today's talks go well and we have the time and place of a third summit set by the end of the day....)
And staying with the renewed wave of inter-Korean cooperation.... the two Koreas will also start joint road inspections today.
The inspections should've kicked-off last Friday.... when roughly 30 officials and experts from Seoul were planning to cross the border.
But Pyongyang delayed them the night before,... without giving a clear reason.
For roughly three weeks, officials from Seoul and Pyongyang will inspect the Gyeongui Road.... that runs along the west coast and then check the Donghae Road along the east coast.
The two sides agreed during talks in June.... to modernize the sections between the North Korean cities of Kaesong and Pyongyang... as well as the east coast road between South Korea's Goseong... and the regime's Wonsan.


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