Reunions for separated Korean families begin at Mt. Kumgang

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Video Discription: 이산가족 오후부터 2차 상봉 시작

Another round of inter-Korean family reunions begins.
This one follows the first three-day session held earlier this week.
Participants from the South have arrived at Mount Kumgang up North to finally meet their loved ones after a life-time of waiting.
The first part was held this afternoon.
Our Park Hee-jun has been following the event for us since day 1.
Hee-jun, what's the latest?

The families were overjoyed... as they were finally reunited today.
The reunion was full of tears, full of smiles, and full of laughter.

Today's reunion was held for the 81 people chosen by North Korean and their South Korean relatives, numbering 326 people.
The participants were in disbelief, not only because they were seeing with their own eyes that their relatives had been alive all this time,... but also because of how much their loved ones had aged over the nearly 70 years since they were separated.
Some also got to see their nephews and nieces for the first time.
And we hear from the press pool that even the volunteers from the North couldn't help but tear up as they watched.

In about an hour,... they will meet again for a welcoming dinner hosted by South Korea.
And so for day one, the participants will have had four hours to spend together.
They'll be making every minute count,... while waiting for the next opportunity to catch up on each other's lives tomorrow.

Now to give you a quick rundown of the remaining schedule.
Tomorrow,... the participants will get to have both group and individual reunions with their families.
They will also have lunch privately with their families in their rooms.
And after a farewell reunion on the last day,... the South Korean participants will head back home after a total of only 12 hours together.
I'll make sure to bring you the latest throughout.


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