S. Korea working with U.S., UN on sanctions exemptions for joint railway inspections with N. Korea

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Video Discription: 통일부 “미국•유엔과 철도 공동조사 관련 제재 면제 절차 협의중”

Seoul is in talks with Washington and the UN... on possible exemptions to international sanctions on North Korea... for the joint inspections of railways.
An unnamed official from Seoul's Unification Ministry told reporters... the final schedule for the inspections are likely to be determined... after the conclusion of those talks.
The U.S. is known to have expressed "strong support" for that project.
The two Koreas agreed to hold a groundbreaking ceremony for connecting and modernizing the cross-border railways and roads... either later this month or early next month.
In August, South Korea attempted to send a team of experts to the regime for a check of railways there,... but it fell apart after the UN Command rejected the request.


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