S. Korea notifies N. Korea a joint inspection team will visit Mt. Geumgang to check facilities

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Video Discription: South Korea sent another notice to North Korea this time, proposing a visit by South Korean authorities and businesses to the Mount Geumgang tourist resort.
Seoul told Pyeongyang... that the visit will be to check the South Korean facilities there.
Oh Jung-hee reports.
South Korea proposed North Korea sending a joint inspection team comprised of government officials and businesses across the border... to check the South Korean facilities at Mount Geumgang tourist resort.
The notice was sent on Tuesday via the joint liaison office, and comes a week after Pyeongyang declined Seoul's offer to hold working-level talks over the tours at Mount Geumgang.
"We said that the joint inspection team will be checking the safety of the facilities at Mount Geumgang. The schedule is to be set through discussion with North Korea."
Two weeks ago, Pyeongyang told Seoul to remove its facilities at the tourist resort, after the regime's leader Kim Jong-un visited the site and called South Korean facilities ugly.
Watchers see the North aims to independently resume and run Mount Geumgang tours as tourism is a key industry for the North to earn cash.
South Korea offered holding face-to-face working-level talks to discuss demolishing its facilities plus the tour program as a whole, but the North rebuffed the offer.
Seoul's reply on Tuesday is another attempt to call the North out for talks,... though it didn't literally suggest holding "working-level talks."
"The team's visit will be to discuss the matters that North Korea brings up and those that South Korea brings up. Checking the facilities there is essential whether it is to demolish our facilities or to resume Mount Geumgang tours."
If the South Korean team gets to visit the tourist resort north of the border, then it's expected that the two sides will be able to sit down for talks naturally to discuss the overall Mount Geumgang tours.
Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.


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