Experts divided on prospects for S. Korean tours to Mt. Geumgang

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Video Discription: Both of Seoul's proposals to hold working-level talks and sending a team to the North to inspect the facilities have been rejected.
What should Seoul do at this point?
Well, this is where experts have divided opinions.
Some say South Korea should keep knocking on the door.
Kim Jong-un's order can't be overturned easily... so, Seoul should come up with a new, intriguing plan that can help Kim change his mind.
Others say now is not the right time... and Seoul should rather focus on securing its properties at the resort.
There are 28 South Korean facilities at the resort... and the total loss seen since the tours were halted is expected to be 1-point-2 billion U.S. dollars.
But one expert says that the Mount Geumgang issue will drag on for a while.
"North Korea and the U.S. are exchanging their current stances now and I think this will continue until the end of the year. Weather conditions also have to be considered when tearing down the buildings. I don't think there will be a clear conclusion to the Mount Geumgang issue in the near future."
Alright, thank you Jung-hee for a comprehensive wrap-up on this. We really appreciate it.
My pleasure.


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