Dinner For One Horror Super Short | Screamfest

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BY: filmow
Video Discription: A dutiful housewife prepares dinner for her ungrateful husband... but tonight, the menu may not agree with him!
Directed by:
Brad Jacques
Produced by:
Limary Vargas & Brad Jacques
Written by:
Brad Jacques
Main Cast:
Jessica Yang & Jason Saiko
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Brad Jacques
About the Director(s):
Brad Jacques was born and raised in Topsfield, Massachusetts. Upon seeing "STAR WARS" at the tender age of eight, Brad realized he wanted to pursue filmmaking.

After attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Brad began working as a Production Assistant in the Boston area on studio films such as "MERMAIDS", "HOUSESITTER" and "SCHOOL TIES". On “DISTANT JUSTICE”, Brad was a personal assistant to the late David Carradine.

Eventually, Brad became one of the "go to" Assistant Editors in New England, working on many films including “THE NEXT KARATE KID”, "BLOWN AWAY" and Mel Gibson’s directorial debut "THE MAN WITHOUT A FACE". On "TRUE LIES", Brad enjoyed watching two of his childhood heroes (James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger) collaborate.

In 1999, Brad moved to Los Angeles and became an Editor, working on dozens of independent films & television shows. Over the years, Brad has directed several feature-length & short films.

He currently lives in North Hollywood with his wife, Producer Limary Vargas.

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