Cariño - Animated Short Film | LGBTQ+

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BY: filmow
Video Discription: Santiago is perusing the streets of Cartagena when another boy catches his attention. He watches, infatuated, as the boy, Camilo, looks around the bodega. Camilo seems worried, and desperately shows the shopkeeper a photo of his Grandmother holding a Lily which he is trying to find. Dejected, Camilo turns and attempts to put the photo in his back pocket, but it misses and falls to the ground. He gets a phone call from his mother stating that he needs to find the Lily before his Grandmother's birthday party. Santiago, now worried about Camilo’s state, rushes to pick up the photo and makes it his mission to find the flower Camilo was searching for.

Santiago attempts multiple times to find the flower but fails until finally he spots the flower growing on a high balcony. He tries to reach for the flowers and just as he manages to grab them, he falls to the ground. This crash attracts the attention of Camilo as he approaches and helps Santiago up. Santiago is able to finally give him the flower he worked so hard to retrieve and return Camilo’s photograph. Camilo is stunned at first but then touched at Santiago’s dedication, and invites Santiago to walk with him.

Carlos Taborda
Art IG:
TikTok: @zombee_boy

Roshel Amuruz
TikTok: @rosh_el22

Ashley WIlliams
TikTok: @awillaaay


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