Knitting Stitches Patterns For Beginners

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---Knitting Stitches Patterns For Beginners. Wast­ing your valu­able time search­ing for answers to your ques­tions on Rav­elry, on the Inter­net, or on YouTube, and still haven't solved your problem?

Try­ing to find help on YouTube, but the videos go too fast, are blurry, or don't show you what you need to see?

Feel­ing ripped-off, pay­ing huge sums of money for a ton of classes and books yet you still can't fig­ure out how to knit socks properly?

Pain in your hands and fin­gers because of the way you were knitting?

Frus­tra­tion try­ing to cre­ate that per­fect sweater but don't know how to start?

This is often the case because most of the the instruc­tions are too confusing...

...or there are no illus­tra­tions to demon­strate the steps properly

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