Moose on the Loose running around Sunny Brae Moncton

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Video Discription: Just before 4 PM this afternoon Codiac RCMP respond to a Moose on the Loose in Sunny Brae area of Moncton around Connolly Street, Ward, McLaughlin Drive. One woman told me it walked right past her window of the apartment building she lives in and she couldn't believe her eyes a Moose in her yard. The Moose had a short rest in the parking lot at 258 McLaughlin and then ran through the parking lot of MacArthur's Nurseries and once again got trapped behind the fence of the business. DNR was called but once again never showed , just like when a Bull Moose ran around Kingswood Park one Sunday causing alot of damage to vehicles and properties in the fall of 2007. RCMP ended up placing there vehicles around the very tired Moose and cut the fence hoping it would go into the small area of woods just off of Morton Ave near the UdeM campus. One of the RCMP Officers had a shotgun and one more attempt and the Moose walked through the opening that the Police had just cut in the fence and walked into the woods for a much needed rest around 5:15PM.
Video aired on CTV News with Crystal Garrett Video aired on CBC National News & CBC News Halifax with Elizabeth Chui.


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