cold dross barrel (dross cooling&crushing&screening system) of cold aluminum dross processing system

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Video Discription: The cold dross barrel is the essential equipment of the cold aluminum dross processing system. The cold dross barrel including the dross cooling system,dross crush crushing system,aluminum screening system. It can be further deeply recover the aluminum from the dross, to maximize the economic benefit.
And it can make the aluminum dross for other usage easily.
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There would equip with a cold dross barrel at the behind of the tilting rotary furnace. The main function of the
cold dross barrel is to further separate and collect the aluminum. The hot aluminum dross that had processed by the rotary furnace would be transferred to the barrel, then the dross would be cooled down by water spray to lower the melt loss of the aluminum that remain in the dross. There also equip with a crush device to crush the dross. After crushing, the dross would be divided into big-size dross ( including about 20% aluminum ), middle-size dross ( including 15% aluminum) and small-size fine dross ( including 3% aluminum) by the auto screen mesh system. The fine dross can be directly packed for sell. As regarding to the middle-size and big-size dross ,which would be re-throw into the tilting rotary furnace for further refining and separating.
To process the aluminum dross in such circle to recycle the aluminum from the slag and dross as much as possible.


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