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Is Your Real Estate Agent On Your Side?

When you sell your home, you need to make sure your real estate agent is on your side -- before agreeing to a listing contract or marketing plan.

A former 20-year real estate veteran Becki Saltzman, is now author of the upcoming "Arousing the Buy Curious." Saltzman says you need to use a little truth serum to get prospective real estate agents to come clean.

Saltzman says start with a response test. Initially, communicate with a prospective agent the way you like to be contacted, phone, email, text, social media. Then, wait for the response.

If there's a long wait, that's pretty much what you can expect during the home sale. If urgent issues come up with this agent, good luck.

: Next, ask two questions. If you are a buyer ask "Is it a good time to buy?" Then listen. After the answer ask "Is it a good time to sell?" If you are a seller, reverse the questions.

How well the agent can finesse his or her way through two opposing questions goes a long way toward revealing their sincerity and how they will finesse your transaction, Saltzman says.

Here's another test. Role play as a buyer, pick a listing and ask the prospective agent what he or she would say if you wanted to make a low-ball offer.

Saltzman says you want an agent who grills you with questions about the offer, rather than one who lectures you. The agent who grills you is listening. That agent is likely more capable in a long running battle, then the lecturer who wants a quick commission.

Here's one more test, this time you are a seller. Ask how your potential real estate agent would respond to an agent representing a buyer with a low-ball bid. Tell the agent you don't want to see a low bid.

If the agent agrees not to look at the low-ball bid, he or she might not have the experience to know that all offers can be useful negotiating tools.


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