Gunna signs $50M deal and says YSL has a green light on him

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Video Discription: According to a representative from Gamma, a music startup that raised $1B earlier this year, Gunna has inked a deal to sell 51% of his entire catalog. Do you think this was a good deal for the rapper? 👀 In an interview recently posted to Gunna's official Instagram page, he claimed that his former record label had issued a green light for him and that he fears by signing this deal it could exacerbate the gang members. Green light gangs are criminal organizations that operate across the world. These gangs are known for their violent behavior, including assaults, extortion, and murder. The term " green light" refers to the gang's approval of an attack or murder of a targeted individual. In this context, a green light means that the gang has given the go-ahead for the attack to take place. The origins of green light gangs can be traced back to the California prison system in the 1960s and 1970s. These gangs emerged as a response to the racial tensions that existed within the prison population. Green light gangs are often racially segregated and can be divided along racial or ethnic lines, such as Mexican Mafia, Aryan Brotherhood, or Black Guerrilla Family. These gangs are highly organized, and members are often required to swear loyalty to the gang and follow its rules. One of the primary ways that green light gangs maintain their power is through the use of fear and intimidation. Members are expected to carry out acts of violence against other civilians or even police officers as a way of demonstrating their loyalty and earning respect. Failure to comply with gang orders can result in severe consequences, including physical harm or even death. Despite efforts to crack down on green light gangs, they continue to operate. These gangs pose a significant threat to the safety of citizens, law enforcement and contribute to the overall escalating violence in North America. As such, efforts to combat these gangs must continue to be a top priority for government officials and law enforcement agencies.


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