She's Not Adopted, She's Kidnapped | Chicago Med | MD TV

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Video Discription: When an adopted child is in desperate need of a liver transplant, the doctors search for a living donor leads them to discover her parents didn't legally adopt her. From Chicago Med Season 4 Episode 6 'Lesser of Two Evils' - Manning and Halstead must act fast to save the life of a physically abused wife, Choi and April are shocked to learn the truth about their 14-year-old cirrhosis patient, while Rhodes and Lanik go head-to-head in the ER. Chicago Med (2015) The doctors and nurses who work at the emergency ward of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Center strive to save the lives of their patients while dealing with personal and interpersonal issues. Watch full episodes Of Chicago Med on Google Play: Watch full episodes Of Chicago Med on Itunes: Welcome to MD TV! A channel dedicated to your favourite medical dramas! Featuring iconic moments from House M.D., Chicago Med and more. Follow the professional and personal lives of the hospital staff, as you go a journey right from the very first doctor's call to the E.R and beyond. MD TV is packed full of drama, intrigue, and plenty of medical emergencies! #MDTV #ChicagoMed #MedicalDrama #MedicalTVShow


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